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Ngày gửi: 14h:11' 03-11-2010
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1.Would you like + Vinf …..?
2. Would you mind + V-ing….?
Would you mind if + clause (not true)
3. You had better + V- inf
- would rather + Vinf ….(than)
- prefer to inf => prefer sth to sth
4. too + adj + for O + to inf
5. adj+enough +for O + to inf
6. so +adj+ that + clause
- such (a/an) ….N + that + clause
7. It’s + adj+ to inf
* have a chance + to inf
8. I know + Noun Clause (Wh-w + S+V..)
9. Comparison of adjective.
- as + adj + as => not so/as +adj+as..
- better +than => more + adj +than
- the tallest in many => The most +adj
10. advice/ tell/ ask/ request + sb + to inf
- have/ beg + sb+ Vinf
11. Wish – present=> S+ V-ed/ V2 (be = WERE)
- past => S+ had +PP…
- future => S +would + Vinf >< S + hope + will+Vinf
12. Unless = If not
13. That is the first time + past clause => S + present perfect + since/ for + time
14. If only S+ would Vinf => If only you would stop complaining!
15. Tag-question: I am a teacher, aren’t I?
You’re listening to me, are you?
16. so am I/ so do I = I am, too/ I do,too.
- I am not either/ I don’t either = Neither am I / Neither do I .
17. not only…but also…as well
18. One of + plural noun
19. all of us = almost us
20. keep + V-ing = continue to inf
21. used to + V inf (habit in the past)
=> am/is/are +used to +V-ing (habit in the present)
22. Make sb +to inf
She laughed because of the clowns => The clowns made her laugh.
23. Would you go to London if you could? => I would If I could, but I don’t think I can.
If I could = If I were able to.
24. go + V-ing
25. Relative Adverbs Where, When
- Teacher’s day when students show their gratitude to their teachers.
- Mother’s day when children show their love to their mothers.
- Viet Nam where we were born
- Hoa Thinh where I was born is a smaal village.
26. Call/ choose/ consider/ select + O+ CO (complement object)
- We choose Nam the monitor.
- We call him Tommy.
27. Miêu tả sự vật ngày càng phát triển.

- The river gets bigger and bigger
- The girl becomes more and more intelligent.
28. The direct speech and reported speech.
- Mary said, “I will come back this department store tomorrow”
=> Mary said that she would come back that department store the following day.
- Mary said to me, “I will come back this department store tomorrow”
=> Mary told me that she would come back that department store the following day.
Question: - “what is your name?” the teacher asked me
=>The teacher asked (me)what my name was.
Note: She said, “Are you thirsty, Mary?”
Direct speech
Reported speech

Present simple

… progressive

Future simple

can/ may

had to

didn’t have to

She asked Mary if (whether) she was thirsty.
1. Change in tense
Direct speech Reported speech
Present simple past simple
Present Progressive past Progressive
Future simple would + verb
Can/ may could/ might
2. Change in adverbs and articles
II. Reported questions:
→ Yes/ No questions (if/ whether )
S + asked ( O)
Wanted to know + If/ whether +
Wondered S + V

this → that
these → those
here → there
now → then
tomorrow → the following day
today → that day
yesterday → the day before…
Example 1:
S1: Do you like pop music?
S2: She asked me if/ whether I liked pop music.
Example 2:
S1: Where do you live?
S2: She asked me where I lived.
29. Have/ beg (passive)
- S + have + sth+ passive
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