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Ngày gửi: 09h:34' 03-11-2008
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GRAMMARS: 1.The present perfect 2. the present perfect passive 3. who, which, that.
EX1: Complete the following sentences using the present perfect tense. (B14)
They are married. They …married since 2002.
I know Ba very well, I … him for a long time.
Miss Moon has a headache. She … a headache since she got up.
Alice works in a bank. She … in the bank fro five years.
I ‘m learning English. I … English for six years.
Due is ill. He … ill for two weeks.
Jill is in London . She ….in London since Monday.
We live in this house. We …here for ten years.
We are waiting for bus. We … since 8 o’clock.
I know Mr Lam. I … him for a long time.
EX2: Fill in the blanks with yet or already: (B14)
Is it time for us to leave….? – no, not.
We have ….been to HA LONG three times.
The plane has … left the airport.
Have the police found the thief?
Tan and Quang haven’t started to do their homework …
Sal has …bought the tickets for the game.
Martha hasn’t called us …
The two sides have ….signed the contract.
Has the meeting begun …? – no, not….
They have …emailed the principal.
EX3: Fill in the blanks with since or for: (B14)
Lan has been in London … four days.
Lan has been in London ….Monday.
Nobody lives in those houses. They have been empty …many years.
Mr June is in her office she’s been there …7 o’clock.
My aunt has lived in Australia …10 years.
India has been an independent country …1974.
The bus is late. We’ve been waiting …20 minutes.
Mike has been ill … a long time . he ‘s been in hospital October.
EX4: Use either the present perfect or simple past in the following sentences: (B14)
Minh works in a bookshop. He (work) there for three years.
last year we (go) to Nha Trang for a holiday. We (stay) there for three weeks.
Tan and Quang ..(play) tennis yesterday afternoon.
My hair is clean. I (wash) it.
I (wash) my hair before breakfast this morning.
(you/ see) Lan last week?
we( not/ have) a holiday last year.
…(you/ ever/be) to the United States?
what time (you/ go) to bed last night?
My aunt is a write. She (write) many countries.
Kathy loves traveling. She (visit) many countries.
when I was a child, I (not/ like) picture books;
I (go) to Toronto last year for business . I (go ) there several times since then . . (V/B8)
14. I (live) in British Columbia from 1998 to 2000.
15. My friend , JOE , (live ) in Vancouver since 2000.
16. Before Joe (move) to Vancouver , he(work ) on cruise ships as a cook .
17. My college roommate came from Ghana . We (room )together for three years , and then she (return ) home .
18. My grandfather (be)a great golfer for most of his life , but he (die) last year.
19. My father (play) competitive golf for most of his life and really enjoys it.
20.Since my husband began working the night shift , he (sleep , not ) very well
EX5: Turn the following sentences into the passive: (B14)
Have you fed the dog yet?
No one has used that car for 10 years.
His teacher has transferred him to another class.
A scholar has translated that novel into Vietnamese.
Somebody has taken my bicycle.
The police have arrested five suspects.
The author has written a special edition for children (B15)
I have received 20 cards so far.
My father has just cleaned this motorbike.
I have never eaten that cake before.
We have just finished the reports.
She hasn’t answered my letter yet.
Some one has wound the clock.
A dog has just bitten me.
They have already cleaned this room.
Have they postponed the concert?
EX6: Fill in each blank with one of the verbs in the box to complete the following passage. Use the correct form of the verbs: (B15)
Recapture visit not mend know write not have drive ride see not pay.
why you …the fuse? - I …time.
you ever ….a camel?
she …..the telephone bill yet.
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