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1. Most doctors and nurses have to work on a _______ once or twice a week at the hospital.
A. solution B. night shift C. household chores D. special dishes
2. We enjoy _____time together in the evening when the family members gather in the living room after a day
of working hard.
A. spending B. caring C. taking D. doing
4. He is a _______ boy. He is often kind and helpful to every classmate.
A. frank B. lovely C. obedient D. caring
4. According to the boss, John is the most _______ for the position of executive secretary.
A. supportive B. caring C. suitable D. comfortable
5 Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.
A. help B. prepared C. be busy D. attempt
6. Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.
A .happen B. encounter C. arrive D. clean
7. You should not burn _______. You had better dig a hole and bury it.
A. dishes B. lab C. garbage D. shift
8. One of Vietnamese traditions is a belief in _______ families and in preserving their cultures.
A. wealthy B. secure C. safe D. close-knit
9. The ..................that our family members share closely is watching film
A. concern B. interest C. pleasure D. entertainment
10.We share the house with my mother and father and my wife ‘s sister and her kids, it is
A. nuclear B. extended C. crowed D. single-parent
11. My mother........................the responsibility for running the household
A. holds B. takes C. runs D. bears
12. My husband and I both go out to work so we share the………………
A. happiness B. household chores C. responsibility D. employment
13. Family is a base form which we can go in to the world with confidence
A. part B. place C. position D. foundation
14. Lee, who is Chinese, learns English as a ……………… language.
A. native B. second C. foreign D. first
15. This villa is the ……………. of my parents
A. belong B. possession C. having D. wealth
16. I really cannot accept your ……………. demands.
A. easy B. usual C. hard D. unreasonable
17. Don’t share the matter with anyone else. Please keep it in ……………….
A. private B. possession C. property D. tongue
18. Millions of people all over the world ………………. English as their native language.
A have B. talk C. choose D. produce
19. I have learned a lot about the value of labor from my .................... at home.
A. pot plants B. chores C. energy D. credit
20. If you practice regularly, you can learn this language skill in a short ................ of time.
A. activity B. arrangement C. period D. aspect
21. London is home to people of many _______ cultures.
A. diverse B. diversity C. diversify D. diversification
22. A curriculum that ignores ethnic tensions, racial antagonisms, cultural ______and religious differences is pot relevant.
A. diversity B. contacts C. barriers D. levels
23. Some researchers have just _______ a survey of young people`s points of view on contractual marriage.
A. sent B. directed C. managed D. conducted
24. It will take more or less a month to prepare for the wedding.
A. approximately B. generally C. frankly D. simply
25. Many young people have objected to __marriage, which is decided by the parents of the bride and groom.
A. agreed B. shared C. contractual D. sacrificed
26. All parents are __to at least try to behave in ways that will give their own children an important protection
A. decided B. supposed C. followed D. rejected
27. It is thought that traditional marriage _______ are important basis of limiting divorce rates.
A. appearances B. records C. responses D. values
28. Mr. Pike held his wife`s hands and talked urgently to her in a low voice, but there didn`t seem to be
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