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bai on thi hoc ki I- lop 11

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Nguồn: cac sach bai tap tieng anh 11
Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Dinh
Ngày gửi: 20h:00' 13-12-2010
Dung lượng: 10.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 127
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Review for unit 8
I. 12/12/2010
II. unit 8
III. Aims: Help students review the knowledge and practise doing exercises relating to unit 8
IV. contents:
A. Theory:
1. pronouns one(s), someone, no one, anyone, everyone
- one(s): used to replace the words appearing in the first part of the sentence on purpose of avoiding repeating that
That word.
- someone: used in affirmative forms as the singular noun .
- anyone : usually used in negative forms or in questions and after if.
- everyone: used as a singular noun.
- no one: means nobody , used as a singular noun.
2. vocabulary about holidays and celebrations.
Festivals, holidays, celebrations, grandest, occasion, preparation, excitement, positive, comment, exchange,
Entertainment, receive, envelope, pray, moon festival, valentine’s day, thanksgiving,…..
B. keys to exercises.
I. 1. play/ to catch
2.being/ to do
3. painting
4. to carry out/ discussing
5. reminding/ to lock/ try/ to remember
6. interrupting/ ask/
7. entering/ to steal
8. spending/ spend finish/ delaying
10.go/ explaining
11. to say/ understand
12. ironing/ to iron
13. to bring/ to invite
14. to catch/ to watch
15. trying/ to persuade/ to change/ doing
II. 1.nam’s father told him to do all his homework before he payed football.
2. the boss asked me to go and see him the next week.
3. my sister told me not to waste my time playing games all day.
4. pikeasked john to give him some salt
5. mai suggested me exchanging our answers.
6. hung said he would give me the book if I answered his question.
7. my mother said she wiuldn’t lose hope if she were me.
8. lan reminded me to sent her letter
9. they promised to organise the christmas party.
10.Dane congratulated me on winning the championship.
11. I regretted not asking for……….
12. Jane accused me of being …………….
13. The teachers agreed to meet the student representatives.
14. Marta warned me against drinking……………………………
15. he wondered if the girl were a girl what they would call her.
16. she said if shedidn’t practise ……………
17. He said to his students if they pressed that switch……………
18. He said if jane hadn’t helped him …………………
19. He asked me to wash the floor if I has time.
20. she asked what she would do if the door was locked.
21. they said if they had a computer they would work that out ……………..
22. He said if I didn’t apologised he would never talk to me.
23. they asked us to dropped and saw them if we happened ……………
24. She said she would buy me a drink if she had any money.
III. 1. voluntary 4.difficulty 5.performnce 6.happiness 7.freedom 8.belief
9.sympathetic 10.friendship 11. uncertain 12. suspicion 13. generous 14. keenly 15. understanding
16.enthusiastic 17.representative 18.competition 19. activities 20.observe 21.smoothly 22.sentences
23.announce 24. important 25.natural 26.encourages 28.educated 36.illiteracy 38.effective
I. the verb into correct form infinitive, to-infinitive, or -ing.
You shouldn`t let your children_______ (play) with matches. It`s very easy_______ (catch) fire.
I enjoy______ (be) busy. I don`t like it when there is nothing_____ (do)
Let`s hurry! We must finish_______ (paint) the office before 3:00 today.
As we don’t agree _______ (carry out) a proposal we generally avoid _______ (discuss) the subject.
I don`t mind_______ (remind) you _______ (lock) the door but you`d better _______ (try) _______ (remember) on your own.
Please stop_______ (interrupt) when I`m explaining something to you. You can_______ (ask) questions at the end.
He admitted_______ (enter) the house but refused __________(steal) the money.
I don`t really fancy_______ (spend) my whole holiday with your cousins. I`d rather _______ (spend) my time with you.
We had hoped_______ (finish) the project by the end of the month but we keep_______ (delay) by changes in the plans.
You`d better_______ (go) and see the boss and say what you`ve done. If you put off _______ (explain) it to her, she`ll only more annoyed.
No that`s not what I meant______ (say).
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