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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Phan Húng
    Ngày gửi: 16h:46' 18-03-2009
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    Week 20
    Date of pre : Jan 6
    Date of te ; Jan 12
    Period 55

    Lesson 1: Getting started & Listen and Read

    I. Objective: By the end of the lesson, sts will be ale to know what they would do in the situations which require first aid.
    II. Language content :
    vocabulary :first –aid , bleed , bee-sting , emergency,wound , ambulance ,calm down fell ….
    Grammar : revision ( present simple , past simple , future simple )
    III. Techniques: chatting, pairwork, groupwork, feedback
    IV. Teaching Aids: Textbook, pictures on page 80, drawing, cassette
    V. Procedures:

    Teacher and students’ activitives
    Warm up
    - Ask sts to open the book and lok at the things. Tell them these things are often used for first aid.
    - Ask sts to close the books and go to the board to write the names of the things they have just seen from memory.
    - Ask ss to open the book and go through the words in English.
    - Ask ss to work in groups to write down what they would do in these situations which require first aid.
    - Get feedback & correct
    * Answer key:
    1. emergency room 2. sterile dressing
    3. medicated oil 4. ice
    5. water pack
    6. alcohol

    *Possible answer:
    + A girl has a burn on her arm use cold water/ ice to ease the pain
    + A boy has a bad cut on his leg Use alcohol/ medicated oil/ sterile dressing
    + A girl has a nose bleed Use a handkerchief to stop the bleeding/ tell her not to lie down
    + A boy has a bee sting Use medicated oil..
    Pre Reading
    I. Pre teach vocabulary
    T gives the new words
    Sts listen ,read and take note

    * Checking technique: slap the board
    II. Gap fill Prediction:

    - T asks sts to predict the words in the gaps.
    - Sts guess the words
    -T Calls on some sts to go to the board and write their words.
    New words:
    an ambulance ( visual )
    Emergency( situation )
    (Ask: When do we need an ambulance? – When there is an emergency.)
    unconcious (adj)>< conscious( antonym )
    to bleed -> the bleeding (translation )
    “ There was an emergency at Lan’s school. A student (1)……off her bike and hit her head on the road. She was (2)….but she cut and the (3)…..was (4)….badly. Lan telephoned Bach Mai Hospital and asked the nurse to send an (5)….to Quang Trung school.. Lan was asked to keep the student (6)….while waiting for the ambulance.”
    While reading
    - Have sts open the book, listen to the tape
    -Sts listen
    - Check if sts’ predictions are right or not
    -Sts read in pairs
    * Answer key:
    1. fell 2. concious 3. cut
    4. bleeding 5. ambulance 6. awake
    - Ask ss to work in groups of 4 to read the dialogue again and select the topics covered in the dialogue
    -Sts work in groups of four
    -T tells st s in groups to write their answer on a sheet of paper and hand in after finishing.
    - Collect sts’paper and correct
    * Answer key: a-b-c-e-f.
     Post reading
    . Role play
    -T lets sts in turns play the roles to demonstrate the dialogue.
    Sts play the roles
     Write –it-up
    -Ask ss to write a story using the information from the dialogue.
    - Tell ss to begin their story with:
    - Monitor and help ss with their work.
    - Have ss find some more words for situations which require first aid.
    “ Yesterday there was an emergency at……………”
    _Review the lesson today
    - Workbook
    - prepare the new lesson :Speak and listen


    Week 20
    Date of pre : Jan 7,2009
    Date of te: Jan 13 ,2009
    Period 56
    Lesson 2: Speak& Listen
    I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, sts will be ale to make and respond requests, offers, and promises
    Listen for detail to realize the letters and the correct words .
    II. Language content :
    vocabulary :bandage , scale , eye chart , crutch stretcher , wheelchair ….
    Grammar: request , offer , response , promise
    III. Techniques: chatting, pairwork, groupwork
    IV. Teaching Aids: Textbook
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