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    Nguồn: VIPPRO
    Người gửi: Đặng Thế Vinh
    Ngày gửi: 16h:45' 22-07-2011
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    Số lượt tải: 143
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    P1 Unit 1: A VISIT FROM A PEN PA
    A. Aims:
    By the end of the lesson, students will be able to get more reading practice to understand the text about Lan and her penpal Maryam’s visit to Hanoi and know a new structure with “wish” with the simple past
    B. Teaching aids:
    ( Extraboard, pictures, tape recorder, cue cards.
    C. Content:
    I. Pre(reading:
    1. Warm(up: Brainstorm
    a, Interesting places in Ha tinh
    Tran Phu general Secretary Memorial Site
    Le Khoi Temple
    V QUang Natural preservatiuon zone
    Ke Go lake
    T.Cam Beach/T. Hai Beach
    Vung Ang post
    Huong Tich Pagoda
    Hoi Thong village (Dtho)
    Dong Loc road-juction
    Memorial Site of the Great Poet Nguyen Du
    Handicraft village
    Thai Yen Carpentry village (Nxuan)
    Van chang and Minh Lang forge villages
    b, Activities we can do in Ha Tinh:
    to go swimming
    to have specialities: P.Trach jackfruits, T.Dai persimmon
    to visit wildlife
    to climb up mountains
    to go boating/fishing...
    2. Pre(teach:
    (a) mosque : nhà thờ Hồi giáo (picture/sit)
    If my region were Islam, where could I go to pray?
    _ (n) friendliness : sự/lòng mến khách (exp) ( friendly
    (to) be impressed by : có ấn tượng (trans)/ ỉmpress (v): ghi khắc/in sâu
    (to) pray : cầu nguyện (mime)
    (to) keep in touch (with): giữ liên lạc (với) (examp)
    (to) correspond : trao đổi thư từ (explanation)
    It means ‘to write to one another regularly’
    (to) depend on : dựa vào/phụ thuộc vào (sit)
    * Checking: ROR
    -Set the scene : Lan’ s Malaysian penpal came to visit her in Hanoi.Can you guess where she went and what she did during her stay ?
    -Ss guess –T writes their prediction on the board.
    -Have ss listen to the tape,reading the text on p.6,7 to check.
    II. While(reading:
    1.Students listen to the tape(optional)
    2. Students practice reading the text silently
    3. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences *(P.7)
    * Key:
    1- C ; 2 - B ; 3 - D ; 4 - B
    4. Teacher gives feedback to the whole class to their open-prediction: ((Key)
    III. Post(reading:(grammar awareness)
    -Eliciting from students :
    1) T : What did Lan used to do when she was a primary school girl ?
    Ss :She used to walk past the mosque
    T : What about now,Does she often walk past the mosque now ?
    Ss :No, she doesn’t do this anymore
    +Form : (+) S +used to +V(bare) +...
    (-) S + didnot + use to +V (bare).....
    (?) Did + S + use to +V (bare).....?
    +Use : S.o often did sth in the past and no longer now
    2) T : What did Lan say to Maryam at the end of the week?
    Ss : Lan said “I wish you had a longer vacation”
    +Form : S1 + wish + S2 + V(past) (S1 can be S2 or not)
    +Use : Expressing the wish about the present, regretting about the present situation
    4. Practice: (optional-depending on time): word cue drill
    IV. Homework:
    ( Learn the vocab by heart
    ( Reread the text carefully..
    ( Do exercise 3 (P.12) (Text book) + Ex7 (P.10) (workbook)
    ( Find out new words in “Speak” (P.8)
    V.Teacher’s self- evaluation:


    P2 Unit 1: SPEAKING
    A. Aims:
    By the end of the lesson, students will be able to get more speaking skill by making and responding to introduction
    B. Teaching aids:
    ( Pictures, pictures, extraboard
    C. Content:
    I. Pre(speaking:
    1. Warm(up: Matching
    Places (city

    bài này rất hay, rất tốt cho các giáo viên dạy tiếng anh lớp 9.

    tôi hy vọng sẽ có nhiều giáo án như vậy. để giúp cho các giáo viên dạy dễ dàng hơn.Mỉm cười



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