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    Unit 11 tieng anh lớp 8

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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Ngọc Ngoan
    Ngày gửi: 08h:31' 20-01-2011
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    Week:… The date of preparing:…./…./2009
    Period:… The teaching:…/…./2009

    Lesson : 1
    Section: - Getting started (page 98)
    - Listen and Read 1,2 (page 99,100)

    I. Aim
    Reading for details about how to expre Ss interest.
    II. Objective
    By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to use some expressions to express their interest.
    III. Teaching aids:
    Cassette , 2 charts …
    I / Warm up : Jumbled words
    - Write the topic “ Places of interest ”
    - Put the chart with jumbled words on the board.

    - Ask each team to connect the words to make the right phrases for places of interest and write them on the board as fast as possible
    => Ngo Mon Gate , Ha long Bay , The Temple Literature , Nha rong Harbor .
    * Getting Started :
    - Ask Ss to open their books (page 98) and match the names with the pictures
    - Call on some Ss to give their answers
    a. Ngo Mon Gate b. Na rong Harbor
    c. The Temple Literature
    d. Ha Long Bay
    - Call some Ss to read the proper names aloud .
    1. Pre- teach Vocabulary :
    - Elicit the words from Ss.
    1- Crop (n) : something such as grain , rice , fruit … is grown in one season .
    2- Sugar cane (n) : cay mia ( It is used to make sugar )
    3- Water buffalo (n) : con trau
    4- forty – minute drive : The drive takes 40 minutes
    Form : A / an Adj ( number ) – N + N
    Ex : a3 – month vacation / a thirteen – year – old – boy
    * Checking vocabulary : Bingo
    2. Guiding questions :
    - Set the scene and put the chart with questions on the board
    a. where does Hoa meet The Jones ?
    b. Is it the first time The Jones have visited Viet Nam?
    c. How do they travel to Ha Noi ?
    d. What do they see along the road to Ha Noi ?
    e. What would Tim like to do ?
    - Ask Ss to think about the questions in a few minutes
    - Have Ss listen to the tape while reading the dialogue
    - Get Ss to work in pairs to answer the questions
    - Call on some pairs to give their answers
    - Feedback :
    a. Hoa meets The Jones at the airport
    b. Yes , it is . c. By taxi
    d. They see a boy riding a water buffalo , rice paddies , corn and sugar cane fields
    e. He would like to take a photo .
    III / While – reading :
    - Ask Ss to listen to the tape and say out True or False
    - Read the sentences aloud and call on some Ss to answer , then have them correct the false sentences and get them to write in their notebooks .
    a. T b. T d. T e . T
    c. F -> … in a taxi
    f. F -> … Not only rice and corn but also sugar canes are grown around Ha Noi .
    - Call on some groups of five to practice the dialogue in front of class
    - Correct their pronunciation
    IV / Post – reading : Discussion
    - Ask Ss to read the dialogue again , discuss with them and ask them to pick out the sentences containing the situations mentioned below .
    * to express interest :
    - I,d like you to meet my parents ….
    - It is nice to meet you ….
    - It is great to be in Viet Nam .
    - I would to sit with Tim …..
    * to express a request :
    - Would you mind sitting in the front seat …
    - Would you mind if I took a photo ?
    IV. Homework:
    1. Practice the dialogue in group of 5.
    2. Do the exercises in the workbook .
    V. Comments:

    Week:… The date of preparing:…./…./2009
    Period:… The teaching:…/…./2009

    Lesson : 2
    Section: - Speak (page 100,101)
    - Language Focus 3,4 (page 109,110)

    I. Aim
    To help Ss practice in making suggestions and using “mind” to make requests.
    II. Objective
    By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to make and respond to formal requests using “ mind “ and make suggestions
    III. Teaching aids:
    4 cardboards, a mapped dialogue chart ..
    I / Warm up :
    *GAME: What does it

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