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    giáo án Let's go 2A mới nhất

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    Người gửi: Trần Thị Thanh Tâm
    Ngày gửi: 09h:06' 18-10-2010
    Dung lượng: 294.0 KB
    Số lượt tải: 515
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    Week :01
    Period :01

    Lesson 1: Prepare for the beginning of the academic year

    I. Objectives.
    By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to be familiar with the content of “ Let’s go 2A ” book prepare necessary things for learning English effectively.
    II. Teaching method:
    - Communicative method.
    - Techniques: Ask and answer, discuss.
    III. Teaching aids: Text book, pictures, realias.
    IV. Procedures.
    1. Organization.(1`)
    - Call the roll.
    2 .Warm up/ Review: ( 3’)
    - T greets Ss and chat for some minutes after the holiday.
    - Lead-in:Can you sing the songs in the book “ Let’s go 1B”
    3. New leson: ( 30’)

    Teacher’s activities
    Student’s activities
    A. Presentation how to learn the new subject effectively: ( 10’)
    Asks the ss to prepare textbook- workbook and notebook.
    Listen to the teacher carefully in the class
    Learn by heart all the new words at home
    Do exercises after class.
    Encourages the students usually listen to music, watch TV, listen to English songs every time and every where
    B. Introduce the book: ( 10’)
    - T asks Ss to look at the book and the picture of the cover.
    - T elicits:

    + What colour is the cover?
    + Is it nice? Do you like it?
    + What is the name of the book?
    + How many people are there?
    + Who are they? Do you know their name?..
    - T asks Ss to look at the second page, then introduces the authors of the book.
    1: R. Nakata 2: K. Frazier 3: B. Hoskins 4: S. Wilkinson
    With the songs by Carolyn Graham
    - T Introduces the place where the book expressed.( Oxford University)
    - Is it a student book ,a workbook or both ?( Both )
    C. Introduce the organisation of a unit.( 10’)
    -T asks Ss to open their books and answer some questions:
    + How many units are there?

    + How many review lessons?

    + How many lesson in each unit?

    + Which one is the first, second, third

    + Do they have the same icon?

    - T asks Ss to see the next page to look at the icon in each lesson and describe them.
    - The page without colour is the excercises in the workbook that ss will be able to do in class or at home.


    - SS listen.

    - SS do exercises at home.

    - Listen and answer.
    - ( Ss’ answers)

    - (yellow)

    - Let’s Go 2A
    - ( Three)

    - Ss’ answers)

    - Both.

    - Look at T and listen.
    ( There are four)
    ( There are two)
    ( every unit is divided into six lessons)
    ( Let’s Talk, Let’s Sing, Let’s Learn….)

    ( No, they don’t. Each lesson is identified by a colourful icon)

    - SS see and describe.

    4. Homework.(1’)
    * SS listen and take note.
    - Learn by heart the icons in the book and remember the information about the book that T provides during the lesson.
    - Prepare book and notebook english subject in the academic year.

    ok, thanks

    thank you



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