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    ViOLET Chào mừng năm học mới

    Giao anh van lop 8 đầy đủ

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    Người gửi: Phạm Tuấn Anh (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 07h:14' 03-01-2010
    Dung lượng: 1.3 MB
    Số lượt tải: 823
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    Teaching plan English grade 8

    The first semester

    Period 1 consolidation
    A / Aims and Objectives : Students will be able to remind something about grade 7 and know how to learn well in the new school year .
    B / Teaching aids : Textbooks , chalks , boards ,,,,
    C / Procedure :

    I / Revision :
    1. The tenses :
    - Present simple
    - Present progressive
    - Simple future
    - Near future
    - Past simple
    => Ask Ss to repeat the uses and forms of each tense
    2. Exercise : Change these sentences into other tenses ( Present simple , Present progressive , near future , Simple future and Past simple ) and add appropriate adverbs of time .
    1. She is in Grade 7
    2. They are playing soccer
    3. She went to Ha Noi last week
    4. I will visit my sister next week
    5. Mai is going to build a new house .
    - Ask Ss to work in pairs
    - Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front of class .
    - Give feedback
    II/ Presenting the English Grade 8
    - There are 16 units in this program , each unit has 6 parts Which mention a particular skill such as Listening . Speaking , Reading and Writing
    + At the beginning of the unit is “ Getting started “ to lead in the new lesson or in order to warm up .
    -Each unit has Language Focus which help Ss to summarize basic knowledge they have learnt in each one .
    Introduce some books , reference books to students
    III / Preparation :
    - Ask Ss to prepare Unit 1 “ Getting started + Listen and read “

    Listen and repeat the uses and forms of them

    Copy down

    Work in pairs to practice changing these sentences into other tenses .

    Listen to the introduction

    Listen and copy .

    Unit 1
    My friends
    Period 2 lesson 1 : Getting started
    Listen and read
    A / Aims and objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to know more about Hoa LAN _ Nine and read the dialogue for details and review simple present and simple past tenses .
    B / Teaching aids : Text books , cards , cassette , chalk ...
    C / Procedure :
    Teacher’s activities
    I / Warm up : Pelmanism
    - Remark and lead in new lesson .
    II / Presentation :
    1. Pre- reading
    a) Pre- teach vocabulary : Introduce the aims and some new words
    - to seem ( translation )
    - a next door neighbor : a person who lives next to your house
    - to look like ( translation )
    * Checking vocabulary : Rub out and remember
    b) Pre- questions
    - Give Ss some questions and ask them to work in pairs to answer them
    1. Is Nien Lan,s friend or Hoa,s friend ?
    2. How old is Nien ?
    3. Where does Nien live ?
    4. Is she a beautiful girl ?
    - Give feedback
    2. While – reading :
    - Turn on the tape 2 times and ask them to read the dialogue between Hoa , Lan and Nien . Then check if their answers are correct or not
    Answers :
    She is Hoa,s friend .
    She is 12 years old .
    She lives in Hue .
    Yes , she is .
    a) Comprehension questions
    - Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and answer the questions in exercise 2 / page 11
    - Have them work in pairs to answer the questions - Call on some pairs to demonstrate in front of class and correct their mistakes or pronunciation .
    - Correct and give feedback :
    a) She lives in Hue
    b) No , she does not .
    c) The sentence is “ She was not old enough to be in my class. “
    d) At Christmas
    - Ask them to work in open pairs to practice asking and answering the questions and the dialogue .
    b) Gap filling
    - Ask Ss to use the present simple and simple past tense to complete the paragraph , using some verbs : live – send – be – come
    Hoa ..... in Hue last year , but now she Ha Noi . Yesterday , Hoa ,s friend Nien ..... Hoa a letter . Nien ..... Hoa, neighbor when Hoa lived in Hue . She ..... younger than Hoa . She ..... to Ha Noi in December .
    - Get Ss to work individually and then compare their answers with their partners .
    - Give feedback
    lived – lives – sent – was – is - comes
    - Call on some Ss to read the completed paragraph in front of class .
    3. Post - reading : Writing
    - Ask Ss to write a paragraph about Hoa
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