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I. Tenses : Present simple , Present continuous, Past Simple , Simple future
1. The boys often ( play ) games on the yard
2. Look ! the bus ( come )
3. My mother (not visit ) this place last year
4. My Dad ( go ) to the zoo next week
5. We ( not tell ) you the truth if you are scared
6. His pupils ( be ) lazy when they were young
7. My Mother ( be ) busy now because she ( work ) in the office
8. Tom ( play ) the guitar when I lived in the city
9 . We ( not see ) her for a long time
10. The moon ( move ) around the earth
11. The girls ( be ) cleverer than the boys
12 . Tomorrow , I ( come) to see you . Would you like ( go ) out with me ?
13 . What ( you ) do since last year ? _ I ( be ) jobless for a short time
14 . Every day I ( get ) up late , so I ( not feel ) tired
15. Today it ( be ) hot , so I ( want ) to go swimming
16 . He ( just / meet ) my parents and now he ( talk ) about his trip
17. Where they ( go ) on a trip 2 years ago ?
18. Water ( boil) at 100 O C and ( freeze ) at O o C
19 . At the moment all of us ( feel ) tired because we ( stay ) up late yesterday
II . Pronunciation” Ved “ and “ Ns ,es “
A . Ved
/ id / : t, d
/ t / :c, ch , p , f , k s, x , sh , gh
/ d / : coøn laò
B . N s ,es
/ s / : k , f , t, th , p
/ iz/ : s , x , z , sh , ch , ce ge , se
/ z/ : coøn laò
C . Exceptions:
/id/ : scared, naked , wicked
/d/ : raised , ploughed, weighed, used , closed , pleased, amused ,
/ s/ : aches
/ z/ : weighs , ploughs, clothes
D . Exercise : Find the different sound based on the ending sound
1. a. Played b . cooked c. talked d. laughed
2. a. watches b. trees c. buses d. sentences
3. a. roofs b. boards c. hangs d. clothes
4. a. hanged b. earned c. noted d. cleaned
5 .a. stopped b. weighed c. used d. climbed
6.a. changes b. aches c. washes d. oranges
7.a. lakes b. roofs c. steps d. taxis
8.a. walked b. practised c. pleased d. missed
9.a. wicked b. needed c. learned d. collected
10.a.pages b. tops c. necks d. this

WEEK 2 :
A. Vocabulary
New words & Expressions:
seem (v) hình như, có vẻ như
receive (v) nhận
photograph (n) ảnh
lovely (a) dễ thương
slim (a) thon, mảnh khảnh
curly (a) quăn, xoăn
bald (a) hói
blond (a) vàng hoe
fair (a) vàng (tóc), trắng (da)
principal (n) hiệu trưởng
lucky (a) may mắn
however (adv) dù vậy, tuy vậy
character (n) cá tính
sociable (a) hòa đồng
generous (a) quảng đại, rộng lượng
volunteer (a, n) tình nguyện
local (a) địa phương
orphanage (n) cô nhi viện
reserved (a) kín đáo
quiet (n, a) yên tĩnh
cause (v, n) gây ra, nguyên nhân
affect (v, n) tác động, ảnh hưởng
shy (a) mắc cỡ, e thẹn
description (n) sự mô tả
humorous (a) khôi hài, hóm hỉnh
introduce (v) giới thiệu
move (v) di chuyển
set / set /set (v) lặn (mặt trời)
rise / rose / risen (v) mọc (mặt trời)
east (n) đông
west (n) tây
Mars (n) sao Hỏa
planet (n) hành tinh
grocery (n) hàng tạp hóa
lift (v) nhấc lên, nâng lên
Don`t be silly! Đừng có ngốc nghếch
Family words



may mắn


yêu mến



bạn bè



tình nguyện

orphan orphanage

mồ côi


im lặng


mô tả



hài hước


kín đáo


quấy rầy


giúp đỡ


hòa bình


library librarian

thư viện

B. Grammar point:
enough + N + to V Adj / Adv enough + ... + to V
How + do / does + S + look like? = What + be + S + like? → S + be + Adj
C. Exercises
I. Join sentences using "enough"
He is very old. He can stop working. →
Tom isn`t experienced. He doesn`t apply for this job. →
We don`t have money. We cannot go on a trip. →
Peter was so clever that he could make clothes. →
Dad was careful. He drove the car for a long time. →
Children run fast so they can go there on time. →
Mum stayed at home because she was very ill. →
My friends are so active that they can take part in this game. →
We didn`t work hard and we couldn`t get good marks. →
The boy failed the exam because he was lazy. →
The girl is too young to watch this film. →
The show is interesting. We can watch it again. →

II. Supply the correct form of verb of tense
The moon (move) around the earth. →
Yesterday she (be) absent from class. →
He`s fond of (cook) and (read) books. →
Now he (work) in the garden and he (be) busy. →
Tom usually (use) this computer. →
Would you like (have) a drink? →
Last month, he (not see) her. →
Children can (learn) better than adults. →
There (be) 12 months in a year. →
Can I (help) you? - I`m sorry. I can (do) by myself. →
They are old enough (do) this job. →
He (work) in the city tomorrow. →
Water (boil) at 100oC. →
When I was young, I usually (get) up late. →
He (drive) his children to school everyday

D. Exercises on Workbook V, VI ( page 9, 10) and Saùch Mai Lan Höông III, IV, VI( page 5, 6,7)

I. Multiple choices:
My sister hair isn`t _______ (fast / curly / slim / sociable)
He likes telling jokes. He has a sense of ___________. (orphan / neighbor / volunteer / humor)
Everybody loves him because of his good __________. (character / person / member / public)
The sun _________ in the east. (rise / rises / rose / risen)
My friends prefer _________ outside the classroom. (to be / was / being / are)
Each of us __________ different character. (have / has / have had / had)
Are you _________ lift the table. (enough strong to / strong enough to / too strong to / to strong)
What is your Dad _________? (look like / alike / like / likely)
Most of us spend time __________ sports in summer. (play / to play / playing / played)
My pen-friends love __________ the countryside. (in / at / on / from)
Lan introduces her Mom __________ new friends. (with / of / to / in)
She`ll be here ________ Christmas. (at / on / in / during)

II. Gap-filling
I`m (1)__________ enough to have good friends. However, each of us has a different character. The first one is Bao who is (2)__________ most sociable He is (3)_________ kind and generous. He likes volunteer (4)_________ at a local orphanage and he is the hard (5)__________ student who always gets good grades. I often spend time playing (6)__________ him as well as learning. He`s also a (8)__________ friends. I`m very happy (8)__________ have a friend like him
work – extremely – working – to – helpful – the – lucky - with

III. Family word
I like the __________ of the local library. (peaceful)
__________, my sister passed the exam. (lucky)
Most of us have __________ character. (difference)
Our Dad was a good _________ (play)
My best friend is very __________ (reserve)

IV. Transformation
Tom was very smart. He could do this test. ___________________________enough
John is a skillful tennis player. John
Do you love to go shopping Do you enjoy ?
We dance well. We are
How does his friend look like What ?

V. Error identification
My teacher has a oval face with curly hair. A B C D
The test isn`t enough easy for us to finish. A B C D
Most of farmers go to the market by foot. A B C D
Although we live far from each other, both of us is close friends. A B C D
Our Dad is interest in watching film. A B C D

VI. Pronunciation
played - called - talked - weighed
watches - oranges - buses - lakes
cat - hat - that - lake
thank - that - their - the
feel - hill - see - meat
I .Write the description of a person such as a friend, a family member (about 50 to 100words )
II. Saùch Mai Lan Höông V , VI, VII, VIII( page 7,8 9 10) and Workbook III(page11)
Unit 2: Making Arrangements

A. Vocabulary
New words & Expressions:
fax machine (n) máy fax
telephone directory (n) niên giám điện thoại
mobile phone (n) điện thoại di động
answering machine (n) máy trả lời ĐT
hold / held / held (v) chờ, đợi
be on (v) trình diễn
a bit (n) một chút
outside (adv) bên ngoài
arrange (v) sắp xếp
agree (v) đồng ý, thỏa thuận
invite (v) mời
concert (n) buổi trình diễn nhạc
band (n) ban nhạc
inside (adv) bên trong
front (a) trước, phía trước
message(n) tin nhắn
leave / left / left (v) để lại, rời, bỏ
available (a) có
although (conj) dù vậy, mặc dù
emigrate(v) di cư
deaf (a) điếc
mute (a) câm
experiment (n, v) thí nghiệm
transmit (v) truyền, phát tín hiệu
speech (n) lời nói
distance (n) khoảng cách
lead / led / led (v) dẫn đến
invention (n) phát minh
assistant (n) phụ tá
conduct (v) thực hiện
device (n) dụng cụ
demonstrate (v) trình bày, phô diễn
countless (a) vô số
exhibition (n) cuộc triển lãm
commercial (a) thương mại
furniture (n) bàn ghế
delivery (n) sự giao hàng
customer (n) khách hàng
midday (n) giữa trưa
stationery (n) văn phòng phẩm
pick up (n) đón, nhặt
racket (n) vợt (cầu lông, tennis)
fishing rod (n) cần câu
action movie (n) phim hành động
hide and seek (n) trò chơi trốn tìm

Family words



đồng ý


sắp xếp


hỗ trợ



thương mại



invention inventor

phát minh





useful useless
usefully uselessly
có ích vô ích


giao hàng




B. Grammar point: Near future: S + be + going to V

C. Exercises
I. Rewrite sentences using "near future"
Jane visits her friends in London. →
That man has an important test tomorrow. →
What do they buy for they day? →
Where does he stay for the night? →
Who will take care of children? →
The tou
Giao an phu dao cua thay Tri rat dung voi y cua toi , thay co the gui ca HK II duoc khong ? Rat cam on thay.
Chao thay Le Trung Tri ! Thay da gui Giao an phu dao Anh 8 HK II chua? Toi rat muon duoc tham khao giao an cua thay. Neu duoc toi xin cam on!
Thankyou , Mr.Tri very much. Could you give us the second part teching plan ?

There are no words to show my appreciation!

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