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    Nguồn: st
    Người gửi: Lê Thị Phương Mai (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 14h:21' 13-08-2017
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    Số lượt tải: 1090
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    Topic: 1

    People study in college or university for many different reasons. I think the most important reason
    is to gain more knowledge and learn more skills. Of course, there are also many other reasons that
    people study in college such as to get more friends, and increase one`s self-confidence.

    These days, most jobs require people who are educated and have good job skills. Therefore, the
    people who want a good job have to study hard and at least graduate with a high education.
    Furthermore, as technology advances all over the world, more and more education is required of
    Some people who study in college or university want to make more friends and increase their
    interpersonal skills. They enjoy their lives in university or college and tend to socialize a lot. They
    can meet more people who have the similar interests with themselves. They can go to uni ball
    after school and make more friends who they trust.

    The people who graduate from college seem more confident in our community. These people are
    more respected by society. Many people want to be respected and to be important by family,
    friends, their bosses, and others in their lives. They find that most of them can confidently talk and
    do their jobs as they are more educated. Therefore, most people want to get the confidence
    through the university or college study.

    In today`s society, people need more knowledge and skills to be adapted. The university and
    college study is a good way to achieve this.

    (Essay ID: 316. This is a 5 point essay)
    Topic: 1
    In China, more and more people try their best to attend college or university. What are the
    reasons that make people long for it?
    First of all, in my opinion, the most important reason is to gain competence to live a better life in
    the future. Competition of our days has become more and more drastic, and even a very simple
    job or low position will attract hundreds of candidates to apply for it. Only those who have a good
    education and general knowledge can gain better work. So, we should attend college or university
    for better competence.

    Second, attending college or university can change our life. For example, to myself, I am a student
    from countryside. I am one of the few people who can attend college or university. Most of those
    who have not studied in college or university go to work early in a small factory in a small town or
    on a farm in their hometown. Just because I have taken higher education, I can get better chances
    to study or work in the capital of our country where a lot of people want to go to. Why? Good
    education gives me chances to change my life.

    The third reason for attending a college is to increase knowledge. Study is a so interesting thing
    that it make our life rich and colorful. It expands our eyesight by informing us with lots of new
    things what we cannot gain from our common life or experience. On the other hand, by attending
    college or university, you can learn the knowledge or skill necessary for your future work.

    People attend college or university for various reasons. Some may attend for new experiences,
    and others may think about other things. What I have mentioned is just very few of them.

    (Essay ID: 404. This is a 5 point essay)

    Topic: 1

    Mr.Taoxingzhi, the most famous educator in China, once said: the biggest misfortune in one’s life
    is that one does not receive a uniniversiy education. Needless to say, a university degree often
    helps a person achieve his goal with more ease. However, do we attend university just in pursuit
    of a degree? Does a university only provide us nothing benefieial besides a paper-made diploma?
    As far as I am concerned, we enjoy a university education in the following aspects which
    attribulates us to a university education:

    Firstly, with the knowledge learned in a university,we will have a deep understanding with our
    society. It is ture that genuine knowledge comes from practice, but it can not be denied that
    genuine knowledge, tells us how to practise. A thorough study in a college or university, of course,
    enables us to realize how the society works and how to cope with certain problems arising from it
    in a more efficiently, more skillful way.

    Second, an university education usually make it possible that we acquire a decent job. Because of
    an accomplishment of a four-year study, it is not difficult for us to find a good job in most cases.
    How can we imagine that a graduate majoring in astronomy has to be a vendor in the street!
    Undoubtfully, he/she should sit in his/her labortory, making a reseach on aircraft on a
    computor.Obviously, a university education assures him/her a decent job.
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