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cac de thi tieng anh 9

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh 9 số 1
Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.
1. Which of the following words contains a vowel sound ( the underlined part ) different from that of the others.
A. book B. cool C. took D. good
2. Which of the following words does not contain the sound [ t∫ ] as in teacher.
A. champagne B. choice C. chicken D. champion
3. Which of the following words does not contain the final [t] sound.
A. stopped B. looked ` C. missed D. traveled
4. Which of the following words does not contain the final [iz] sound.
A. samples B. damages C. resources D. publishes
5. Which of the following words contains the sound [h] that is not pronounced.
A. heighten B. hottest C. homeless D. honor
6. Which of the following words is stressed on the first syllable ?
A. religious B. belong C. element D. encounter
7. Which of the following words is stressed on the second syllable ?
`A. furious B. captain C. surface ` D. effective
8. Which of the following words is stressed on the third syllable ?
A. documentary B. government C. communication D. congratulation
9. Which of the following words is stressed on the fourth syllable ?
A. destination B. experimental C. disappearance D. anniversary
10. Which of the following words has different stress pattern from the others.
A. assistant B. commercial C. tradition D. minimize
I. Read of the following list of four words and choose one word that does not belong in each list.
11. A. mice B. cat C. dog D. pig
12. A. buy B. wrote C. build D. drink
13. A. winter B. spring C. fall D. feel
14. A. father B. niece C. son D. uncle
15. A. quickly B. badly C. friendly D. slowly
II. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.
16. The prefix used to form the opposite of the word logic is …………..
A. un B. im C. il D. non
17. The present participle of the word lie is ……………….
A. lieing B. liing C. leing D. lying
18. The plural of the word knife is ………………..
A. knives B. knice C. knifess D. knices
19. The antonym of the word beautiful is ……………..
A. ugly B. pretty C. handsome D. violent
20. The synonym of the verb deny is ……………….
A. permit B. admit C. refuse D. allow
21. The city is ………………. situated on the River Thuong.
A. attracting B. attractive C. attractively D. attractiveness
22. They got the …………. of being successful in life.
A. satisfied B. satisfying C. satisfactory D. satisfaction
23. Robots and computer-controlled machines have already joined the work force in highly …………. country.
A. industrially B. industrialist C. industrialized D. industrialization
24. She felt a sense of ………….when her best friend went to live abroad.
A. loss B. lost C. lose D. losing
25. Car ……… hasn`t been developed in Vietnam yet.
A. produce B. production C. product D. productive
26. He has just bought ………….. expensive new furniture.
A. an B. some C. these D. many
27. It`s no use ……… a language if you don`t try to use it.
A. to learn B. learned C. learning D. learn
28. As long as they ………… stay for more than three days, they can sleep at my flat.
A. don`t B. didn`t C. shan`t D. wouldn`t
29. Mr Phong agreed to stay behind; he was used to ………… late.
A. working B. have worked C. work D. being work
30. The doctor ……………. me to take up swimming as it is such good exercise.
A. suggested B. proposed C. advised D. said
31. Hurry up ! They`ve only got ……………. seats left.
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