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    Nguồn: Sưu tầm
    Người gửi: Phạm Thắng
    Ngày gửi: 18h:29' 15-06-2011
    Dung lượng: 64.0 KB
    Số lượt tải: 819
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    Attendances at the exhibition have been down this year.
    The exhibition
    I never miss out on a cup of coffee when I visit her flat.
    If we wait long enough we’ll get what we want.
    It’s just
    The brochure gives hardly any useful information.
    Trudy was quite relieved when she found out the truth.
    It was something
    What put me off the idea was simply how expensive it was going to be.
    The sheer
    The government shouldn’t let this situation get worse.
    This state
    We were all shocked by his reaction.
    His reaction came
    The fund-raisers have not officially decided when to organize the next gala.
    Birth rates have fallen sharply recently.
    I have little confidence that he will be able to pass the examination.
    I have serious
    At night, my grandma would always keep her cat in for fear it would get run over.
    At night my grandma’s cat used never
    It’s pointless to try and make him change his mind.
    It’s a waste
    He is the competitor most likely to win the race.
    No one
    The final date of the games is still undecided, according to the committee.
    The committee
    The director is almost certain to turn down your proposal.
    I doubt very much
    We have nearly reached the deadline for this job!
    Traditional crafts have died out except in remote rural areas.
    It is
    Eighteen people came although we had expected only sixteen.
    Two extra
    You must pay taxes or go to prison.
    There is no danger that you will fall from the verandah.
    There is no danger of
    Yogurt is supposed to be good for you.
    Yogurt is supposed to do
    I wonder why you haven’t done this homework.
    This homework
    I would rather not think about it.
    There was so much uncertainty that the financial markets remained closed.
    You’re under no obligation to accept their offer.
    You can please
    He felt too ill to get up.
    He did not
    He told me my request was unreasonable.
    He said, “You can hardly “
    I was exasperated when the appointment was cancelled once again.
    You won’t reach the station in less than twenty minutes.
    It will take
    I didn’t hear the news until the next day.
    It was not
    If he hadn’t contributed generously, we wouldn’t have continued our work.
    As he grew older, he became more and more forgetful.
    Although he was very tired, he agreed to play tennis.
    “I never told anyone about your scheme,” she said.
    She denied
    Although it rained torrentially all day, we all enjoyed the excursion.
    Without your sound advice, I would never have made a good investment.
    If it hadn’t
    Experts think that all dogs evolved from wolves.
    All dogs
    I must have my suit cleaned before the interview.
    My suit needs
    The play is so popular that the theater is likely to be full every night.
    Such is
    I shall never lend Robert any money, no matter what happens.
    Under no
    We were very impressed by the new cinema but found it rather expensive.
    The doctor advised him against taking a holiday in a tropical country.
    The doctor’s
    It’s more than a fortnight since anyone saw Julian.
    Julian was
    My uncle’s generosity enabled us to go on a Mediterranean cruise.
    Mrs. Wilson says she’s sorry she didn’t attend the meeting yesterday morning.
    Mrs. Wilson sends
    Richard only took over the family business because his father decided to retire early.
    But for his
    Only the managing director and the chief chemist know the details.
    He threatened the officers with violence.
    He made
    It is difficult to know what one’s reaction would have been in such a situation.
    If I
    It’s not common for there to be so much rain in March.

    The decorators have finished the whole of the first floor.
    We have
    Tell me, Cindy, what were you actually doing when the lightning struck?
    I asked
    The children are in disgrace for being so badly behaved.
    The children are under
    My car has never broken down on

    ban co the up dap an len khong vay? thuc su la co nhung cau minh k bit fai viet lai ntn. mong ban giai dap. cam on nhju nha

    cho minh cai nguon di ban oi...


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