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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Minh (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 00h:14' 22-02-2009
    Dung lượng: 1.4 MB
    Số lượt tải: 63
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    Week: 1st Preparing date :
    Period: 1st Presenting date:
    Aims: - To help Ss to review some main grammar notes in E.7.
    - To introduce the ways of learning.
    I. Arrangement
    II. Review:(25’)
    a> The simple present tense
    T asks Ss to recall how to use and the form of this tense. T corrects
    * Form:
    Ex: I go to school
    She goes to school
    b> The present continuous tense
    * Form:
    S + Tobe + V-ing
     Ex: They are playing soccer
    He is doing the homework’s
    c>The simple past
    * Form:
    Ex: I bought my bicycle last year
    She watched the news on TV last night.
    d>The past continuous tense
    * Form:

    Ex: My family was living in Hue this time last year.
    e>The simple future tense
    * Form:
    Ex: Nga will visit her aunt tomorrow.
    - T guides Ss to remember the tenses and helps them the ways of learning.
    - Ss practice doing exercises
    ++*EXERCISES: (15’)
    Complete these serntences with suitable tenses: 1. My parents (work)_________ in the garden now.(is working)
    2. We (listen)_________ to music every night.(listen)
    3. Last week, my family (go)_______ to Pleiku City.(went)
    4. Yesterday, she (get)________ up at six.(got)
    5. Tomorrow morning, my mother (go)________ to HCM city (will)
    III. Homework:(5’)
    - Review the lesson, prepare “Unit 1”( Getting started).

    Unit:1 MY FRIENDS
    Helping ss:
    to introduce people
    to respond to introductions
    to describe people
    to write about themselves and about other people.
    II/ Language focus
    1.Present simple to talk about general truths.
    2. (Not) Adjectives + enough + to infinitive.
    3. Attributive and predicative adjectives.
    III/ Vocabulary
    Verbs Adjective Noun
    (to) annoy blond slim a character
    (to) rise curly sociable a joke
    (to) seem fair straight an orphanage
    generous volunteer
    IV/ Specific in each lesson follow:

    Lesson 1
    Listen and read 1-2
    Language focus 1
    Reading for details a conversation and revision of simple present and simple past tense.
    Lesson 2
    Read 1-2
    Getting started
    Reading a text for details about Ba’s friends.
    Lesson 3,4
    Speak 1-2
    Listen a-b-c-d
    Listening for details to complete the dialogue and practice in describing someone.
    Lesson 5
    Write 1-2
    Language focus 3
    Writing about oneself and about other people.
    Lesson 6
    Language focus 2-4
    Further practice in Simple Present and
    Not Adj + enough + to-infinitive.

    Week:1st The date of preparing:
    Period:2nd The date of teaching:

    Unit:1 MY FRIENDS
    Lesson 1: Listen and read 1-2 (page-10,11)
    Language focus 1 (page 16)
    Objective: By the end of the lesson, ss will be able to know more about Hoa- Nien- Lan and to review simple present and simple past tense.
    Language contents:
    (to) seem
    a next-door neighbor
    (to) look like
    2.Grammar: Simple present and Simple past tense.
    Te-chniques: Pelmanism, rub out and remember, gap-filling, pair work, individual work, eliciting.
    Teaching- aids: Textbooks, wordcards, cassettes,….
    I/ Warm-up:(7’)
    Prepare twelve cards with numbers on one side and the verbs on the other.
    Make sure the verbs are mixed up. Stick the cards on the board so students can only see the numbers.
    Divide students into two teams and ask them to choose two numbers.
    Turn the cards over and see. If they match.
    Eg: teach-taught, give them one mark. If not, turn the cards over again and ask the next
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