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    Người gửi: Cao Van Nhan
    Ngày gửi: 17h:56' 04-10-2010
    Dung lượng: 45.0 KB
    Số lượt tải: 2372
    Số lượt thích: 1 người (Vũ Thaí Dương)
    Unit 1: A visit form a pen pal.

    Tape transcript:

    Tim: Are you hungry Carlo?
    Carlo: Yes
    Tim: Okay. go to a restaurant downtown. If we go through the park, we can catch a bus on Ocean Drive.
    Carlo: That s fine. I really like walking in the park. lucky to have a place like this close to your home. so beautiful with all the trees and flowers and a pond in the middle.
    Tim: Carol! Be careful. walking on the grass. The park keeper is growing some more- kill the new grass!
    Carlo: Oh, sorry. I see the sign.
    Tim: Come on. time we caught the bus.
    Carlo: Is that our bus, Tim?
    Tim: No. That ‘s a 103 bus. We want the number 140.
    Carlo: Where are you going to eat?
    Tim: up to you. a new Mexican restaurant in town.
    Carlo: Oh, no. I can eat Mexican food at home. I love American food. rather eat hamburgers.
    Tim: Okay. I know exactly where we need to go!

    -------the end--------

    Unit 2: Clothing

    Tape transcript: Announcer (On Public Announcement)
    Attention please. Here is a special announcement. A little girl is reported missing. She was last seen 20 minutes ago near the train entrance to the car Fair. Her name is Mary and she is 3 years old. She has short dark hair. wearing shorts – blue shorts and a long sleeved white blouse. wearing a pairs of shoes- brown shoes. She may be carrying a large doll.
    If you see Mary, Please bring her to the Information Desk. Her waiting for her there. Thank you.

    -----------the end--------

    Unit 3: A trip to the countryside.

    Tape Transcript:

    At 6.30 in the morning, the bus collected BA and his father from their home. After picking everyone up, the bus continued north on Highway Number 1. It crossed the Dragon Bridge and stopped at the gas station to get some more fuel. Then, it left the highway and turned left onto a smaller road westward. This road ran between green paddy fields, so the people on the bus could see a lot cows and buffaloes. The road ended before a big store beside a pond. Instead of turning left towards a small airport, the bus went in the opposite direction. IT stay on that road for very long, but turn left onto the road which went through a small bamboo forest. Finally, the bus dropped everyone off at the parking lot ten meters from a big old banyan tree. IT parked there and waited for people to come back in the evening.

    ------------the end------------------

    Unit 4: Learning a foreign language.

    Tape Transcript:

    - Host: Kate, can I introduce you to Nga? studying English here in London.
    - Kate: Hello, pleased to meet you.
    - Nga: Pleased to meet you, too.
    - Kate: Where are you from Nga?
    - Nga: I am from VietNam.
    - Kate: Why are you studying English here?
    Nga: I need it for my job.
    Kate: Really? So, What do you do?
    Nga: I work for a bank, an international bank in HaNoi.
    Kate: Oh, I see. Did you learning English at school?
    Nga: Yes, and at university,too. I ‘ve for get er……forget…
    Kate: Forgotten.
    Nga : Yes, of course. forgotten a lot of it. I want to improve my writing skills. You knowsometimes I have to write letter in English.
    Kate: What about listening Nga?
    Nga: terrible. This is my biggest problem. People talk very quickly and I understand them.
    Kate: Do you studying English?
    Nga: Oh yes. interesting language and very useful; and I can talk to people from all over the world… and I can understand the words of my favorite songs, too.
    Kate: That very good. Good luck to you, Nga.
    -------------------the end-------------------

    Unit 5: The Media.

    Tape Transcript:
    Chau: Dad, doing an assignment. Can You help me with the i nformation?
    father: What is the assignment about?
    Chau: IT about the important dates of the media. Where and when did the first printed newspaper appear, Dad?
    father. It first appeared in the 7th or 8th century

    As a representative from The Edu de DoHa Organization, I really appreciate your contributions for the development of the education's mission.

    Good jobs and high qualified documents!

    Best Regards,

    SirDoHa Mỉm cười


    Thank you very much!Mỉm cười

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