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  • reading Test - Let's go 5

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    Người gửi: Trần Thị Kim Phượng
    Ngày gửi: 20h:44' 14-05-2010
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    Subject: READING TEST

    Total time: 30 MINUTES

    Instruction to candidates:
    Do not open this page until you are told to do so.
    There are 5 parts in this paper:
    Part A: include 6 items (from 1 - 6)
    Part B: include 6 items (from 7 - 12)
    Part C: include 6 items (from 13 - 18)
    Part D: include 6 items (from 20 - 25)
    Part E: include 5 items (from 26 - 30)
    Follow all instructions carefully.

    PART A: Look at the pictures. Read the statements and write a ‘T’ for ‘true’ or a ‘F’ for ‘ false’ in the box next to each statement. There is one example:

    She’ll go swimming next summer.

    The food smells good.
    She’s a careful person.
    He’s probably score a goal.
    They were walking the dogs.
    She’ll study after she goes fishing.
    It’s in Paris.
    PART B: Read and match the definition in column A to the correspondent given words in column B.
    There is one example.

    Column A Column B

    Example: You smell things with this.

    7. There’s a lot of sand but it’s not the beach. It’s a dry and hot place.

    8. It’s when you can see a lot of snow outside.

    9 .Soccer players love to do this so much.

    10.There’re four of these in a year. Spring is one of these.

    11.You do this because you want to know your soup is salty or sweet.

    12. This will happen when you’re on the street, it rains but you didn’t take an umbrella with you.








    make a basket

    get wet

    score a goal

    PART C: Read the following letter. Circle the best correct answer
    to the questions below:
    Hi, Brian!

    My family and I are in South America. We are having an amazing vacation. Last week, we went to the mountains. Then,went camping at night. We ate hamburgers and bananas. It was delicious.

    Today I’m at the beach. It was warm and sunny but the weather is too cold for swimming.I’m sitting in the sun and writing letters. My brother is water skiing with my mom and dad.

    This afternoon, we will go whale watching in a boat in the water. I have to go now. I’m going to fly a kite with my brother before we go to see the whales.

    See you,

    Example: Tanya is …………………… .
    a. at home b. in South Africa c. at the airport

    Tanya was having a(n) …………………… vacation .
    a. bored b. tired c. interesting
    Last week, they went ……………… at night.
    a. camping b. to the beach c. to the mountains
    …………………… was delicious.
    a. the drink b. the food c. the vacation

    The water is too cold, so Tanya is ……………………
    a. writing letters b. writing postcards c. writing on sand

    After Tanya stop writing, she’ll probably ……… on the beach.
    a. see the whales with her family
    b. sail a boat with her family
    c. play with her brother

    They’ll go whale watching ………………….
    a. last week b. this afternoon c. tomorrow
    PART D:
    Read the following text. There are 7 numbered blanks. Choose the words that best suit to fill in the blanks and write the correspond number in the box in front of each word.

    The planets and stars…(19)…very far away from us. For many years, people have wanted to …(20)… space and the moon. People who go into space are called ‘…(21)…’. The first one who went into the space 40 years ago, and some people went to the moon about 8 years …(22)….

    It is …(23)… in space because mall pieces of rocks fly past very quickly all the time. There is no air, so there are no animals or plants. Astronauts have to take air, water and food with…(24

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