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    Giáo án TA 12 tuần 1 (3 tiết)

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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Hùng
    Ngày gửi: 13h:58' 16-10-2008
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    Tran Ky Phong high school Unit 1 : HOME LIFE Date : August, 20th
    Teacher: ĐO THI NGOC Lesson 1: Reading Period : 3rd.
    Foreign Language Group
    A/Aims & Objectives : By the end of the lesson, students will be able to talk about home life through guessing meaning in context and passage comprehension.
    B/ Language Focus :
    _ Vocabulary : Words and phrases related to the topic of home life.
    _ Method : Communicative approach.
    _ Skills : Reading, speaking, listening, writing .
    _ Techniques : group/pair work, matching,multiple choice,question,answer,gap filling
    _ Teaching Aids: blackboard, chalk, textbooks, handouts,picture,objects,
    C/ Teaching Steps :
    I/ Warm up : (5’) play a game : Fact or Fiction?
    - Deliver handouts.
    - Ask Ss to decide whether the following sentences are true or false and write the letter next to their answers in the box below.
    - If their answers are right, they will find out a word. The first pair to have correct answers wins.
    - Check Ss` understanding of the instructions and let them start the game.
    Congratulate the winner.

    1. An aeroplane lands on a runway.
    2. A clock has hands.
    3. You can catch a train at a power station.
    4. You can milk a cow.
    5. A river has a mouth.
    6. A penny has tow sides ``heads`` and ``feet``

    Key word in the box: FAMILY
    T : To know more about HOME LIFE . Today we will learn unit 1 , lesson 1: reading
    III/ New lesson :

    1.Before you read :
    T: - Get Ss to study the picture and be prepared to answer some questions.
    S: work individualy and work in pairs
    T: give feedback

    T : Ask Ss to guess what they are going to read about.

    T: Explains T: Explains some difficult words and asks some questions

    S: answers

    : gives handouts and ask them

    2.While you read :
    T:Get Ss to scan the text, underlining the italic words/ phrases that all appear in the passage, then try to guess their meanings and circle the correct answers.
    T: Ask Ss to exchange their worksheet to each other.
    - Ask Ss to show their answer and explain their choices.
    T: check the students’result and give feedback.

    T : You read the reading again & find the answers
    S: to skim the text again
    And answer the questions
    S: work in groups
    T: check the students’result with the other group and give feedback.

    S: work individual and pairwork
    S1 asks >< S2 answer
    T: corrects and feedback.

    3.After you read :

    T: Ask Ss to make questions from the prompts and answer them themselves.
    S: discuss in groups
    T: go around to guide and help students.
    T: choose some students in each group to demonstrate their ideas.

    4.Homework :

    1.Activity 1 : Discussing the picture
    1. What can you see in the picture?
    (4 people/ a dog/ a cat/ living room/ a lamp ...)
    2. Where are they? (at home/ in the living room)
    3. What is each member of the family doing?
    (The father is playing with the son/ the mother is helping the daughter with her homework/ ...)
    4. What does the picture tell you?/ What do you think of the family?
    - seem to be very happy because we can see their smiles.- Home life is a nice thing that brings happiness to us.
    - Ask Ss to guess what they are going to read about.

    Lead-in: Our reading lesson today is about home life and the responsibility of each person in the family.

    2.Activity 2 : Teaching new words
    1. bi `ologist (n) /o / : nhà sinh vật học
    2. `caring (adj) / eə / : quan tâm giup đỡ người khác
    3. `close-knit (a) /əu / : quan hệ hkắn khít
    4. `household chore (n) / au / / o: / : việt vặt trong nha
    5. `join hands (

    cam on NGUYEN HUNG da chia se bai giang cung moii nguoi , xin cam on anh


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