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giao an day them lop 9

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Giáo án dạy thêm ( English 9 )

Week 5
Preparing date : 19/ 09/2008
Teaching date : 09/2008

A. Aims : Help Students to grasp the past simple with wish , the present perfect and some words , structure in unit 1,2
B. Preparation : Teaching plan , book , reference books , exercises
C. Class activities
1. Warm up
2. Presentation
-Ask Students to tell the structure of wish :
S + wish (es ) + S + V in the past ( to be -> were )
-Ask Ss to do exercises - Ss do on the board
-T : correct
Rewrite these sentences with “ I wish “
1. I do not have time to study.
2. I can not answer the questions . .
3. We are not living in France.
4. I can not play the guitar .
5. I do not have a computer .
6. It is cold.
7. I live in a big city.
8. Mary is not here.
9. I can not go to the party .
10. There are many people here .
11. I have to work tomorrow .
12. I am not lying on a beautiful sunny beach .
13. I do not have anything to eat.
14. It is a pity your friend is not at this party.
15. I am sorry I am not able to go with you.
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences
1-Malaysia is divided .......... two regions ( to , into , in, on )
2-She often go to the .......to pray because her religion is Islam ( church , pagoda , mosque , temple )
3- The United State has a ……of around 250 million ( population , separation , addition , introduction )
4- Mathematic and literature are subjects in high school ( adding , compulsory , optional , religious )
5- Don’t forget to add sugar to the mixture.Thisis very important (add ,addition ,additional ,additionally)
6- They were welcomed by friendly……………in Vietnam ( air , matter , impression , atmosphere )
7- HE doesn’t depend his parents ( on , in , of , with )
8- If you have any trouble , ask …………help ( on , with , for , to )
9- This book is full useful information ( on with , of , in )
10-We still keep in touch each other although we live away each other ( on from , with , to )
11- He will go to China the end this week ( on , at , with , of )
12- She went out ……………saying a word ( in , of , without , with )
13- I wish Susan …………harder for her examination ( will work , worked , has worked , works )
14-What were you doing when he ( comes , to come , came , coming )
15- A good letter needs perfect introduce , introduction , introducing , introductory )
16- It seems difficult for us abroad at the moment ( go , to go , went , gone )
17- There useda movie theater here , but it closed a long time ago ( to be, be, being, been )
Left , official , could , peaceful , at ,
Different , enjoying , to come , were , is
Are you ………your stay in Vietnam ?
Would you like and visit me next summer ?
At the end of the week , Lan said to Maryam : ( I wish you stay longer “
Bahasa is the language in Malaysia
Lan enjoyed the atmosphere in the mosque
Writing my Mom a letter ………………the best way to get permission
I wish I order
Kuala Lumpur is from Hanoi in some ways
She the house without saying a word
They arrived ……………the airport ten minutes late
Put the verb in bracket in the correct form
1- They used to ( go swimming on Sundays
2- I wish they ( be ) here tomorrow
3- IS Lan used to ( write to MAryam ?
4- They ( not finish ) their work yet
5- He wish he ( be ) a doctor
6- I would rather you (do the test well
7- It’s time we (catchthe bus
8-I wish they ( be here next time
9- It’s time we ( go

Read the passage, then choose the best answer.
Singapore is an island city of about three million people. It is a beautiful.....1 ....with lots of parks and open spaces. It is also a very.....2.....city.
Most of the people....3..... in high rise flats in different parts of the island. The
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