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    ViOLET Chào mừng năm học mới

    Unit 13. Films and cinema

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    Người gửi: TRẦN THỊ TRANG
    Ngày gửi: 14h:27' 19-03-2017
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    Số lượt tải: 31
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    GRADE 10
    Date of teaching:
    Teaching periods: Time: 45 minutes
    Class: 10A3 No. students: 38
    Teacher: Tran Thi Kim Trang

    I/ Objectives
    By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
    - Comprehend language and knowledge about films and cinema.
    - Listen to get specific information about the weekend plan.
    - Identify more about films and cinema.
    - Practice listening and speaking skill.
    II/Method Communicative approach
    III/ Teaching Aids:
    Projector, Power point, Blackboard, text book…
    IV/ Anticipated problems:
    Sometimes, ss can not understand the instruction of the T, so T should speak slower and pay attention to the make it clearer. Or maybe T should use the antonym or synonym or even use Vietnamese to explain the instruction.
    Sometimes, ss does not pay attention to the lesson, they could make noise or even some might fall as sleep. Therefore T should call them to answer the question or stand up to do the task.
    V/ Procedure:
    Stages and contents
    Teacher’s activities
    Student’s activities
    Warm up: Guessing game:
    Guessing the name of the film based on the given cues.

    Set the scene:

    II/ Pre- listening
    1/ Listen and repeat the vocabulary on page 136.
    -Titanic (n)
    -Cinema (n)
    -Suppose (v)
    -Guess (v)
    -Instead of
    -Picnic (n)

    Set the scene: you are going to Listen to two friends, Lan and Huong, talking about their plans for next week. Look at the picture and answer 3 questions. 1.What can you see in the picture? 2.What do you think they may want to do? 3.What film they may want to see?

    III/ While- listening
    Task 1:
    listen to a conversation between Lan and Huong then put a tick on what are activities of Lan in the first column and Huong’s activities in the second column
    1.See a play
    2.Go on a picnic
    3.Visit 4.grandparents
    8.Learn English

    Task 2: Listen and write Lan and Huong’s plans for next week on the calendar using the information on task 1.

    Work and go to the singing club
    Compare the answer and find out what day they can meet

    IV/ post- listening:
    Work in pairs
    Talk about your plans for the weekend. Basing on the following questions:
    1/ what are you going to do for the weekend:
    2/where will you do it?
    3/ who will do it with you?
    4/when will you do it?
    5/what do you feel when doing it?

    V/ Homewok:
    Prepare vocabulary for the next lesson. Writing page 137
    (Read paragraph on task 1 and find out the new words.)
    -Greets the class: “ good afternoon class. How are you today?”

    -Ask ss to close their books and put their pen down “ ok, before starting class, we will play a game. That call guessing game. Now, close your book and put your pen down”.
    -Divide class into 2 groups “ now, all of you are 1 group and all of you are 1 group. And choose the name of your group”.
    -Give instruction “ now I will give you some cues about a famous film, then you will guess its name. Try to listen, then raise your hand to answer. Each right answer will get 10 points. Who has the higher correct answer will be the winner.
    -Check understanding: “ok, what will you do?
    -Give cues:
    1.This is the film about the love story of Jack and Rose. About the very big ship that sank long time ago. The name of the film is the name of the film
    2.This is a cartoon about a cat and a mouse. They hate each other. The cat always chases the mouse.
    3.The story of a witch he and his 2 friends in the witch school. Emma Watson was joined the film
    4. This is comedy film. The film is all about the clumsy man, his name is Bean.
    5. The
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