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    ViOLET Chào mừng năm học mới

    Unit 12. The Asian Games

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    Người gửi: Tô Thị Vân Hoa
    Ngày gửi: 10h:15' 16-03-2017
    Dung lượng: 236.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 19
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    Preparing date: March 10th 2017
    Teaching date: March 14th 2017
    Period 76
    Class: 11B8

    I. Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
    Understand more about sports in the Asian Games
    Improve their listening skill (listening for specific information/ for comprehension and note-taking).
    Vocabulary: gymnastics, freestyle, coming live,land, bar
    Listen to specific information.
    Express their own ideas about the preparations for the coming Asian Games.
    Attitude and competencies
    Improve such competencies as: pairwork,groupwork,communication,presentation.
    Ss will be aware of sports in the Asian Games and enjoy these sports.
    II. Teaching Aids: cassette player, textbook, board . . .
    III. Anticipated problems and solutions
    In warm-up, if students do not remember some names of sports ( when teacher show answers about names of sports, teacher express sports’ name which students forgot and ask students review vocabulary in reading.
    In pre-listening, if students do not know athletes’ name ( teacher provides some names.
    If students cannot realize the vocabulary in the tape ( teacher pronounces it for them.
    IV. Procedures:

    Teacher and students’s activities
    Contents and Board display
    WARM-UP (5’) - Students work in group

    Kim’s game:

    1.Tennis 2. Football 3. Swimming
    4. Rugby 5. Hockey 6. Long jump
    7. High jump 8. Cycling 9. Gymnastics
    10. Weightlifting 11. Volleyball 12. Fencing
    - Ask SS to close your book
    Divide class into 2 groups
    Ask each group take a piece of paper
    Ask SS to:
    + Look at the screen
    + Remember the names of sports in 2 minutes
    + Write the name of these sports in 2 minutes.
    - Ask each group to send a member go to the board and write answers.
    - Check SS’ understanding.
    - Shows 12 pictures.
    - Shows answers.
    - Check the answers.
    - Team has more correct answers( winner

    Lead in new lesson:
    These are sports in Asian Games and to have some sports will be mentioned in Report. To know what they are, we continue with unit 12 The Asian Games, lesson C: Listening.

    Unit 12 The Asian Games
    Part C Listening
    I, Before you listen
    - to come live: to be sent out while the event is actually happening
    - freestyle (n) (picture)
    - gymnastics (n)
    - gymnassium (n):
    - a gymnast (n):
    - bar (n)
    - to land (v)
    PRE – LISTENING (7’) – Student work in pairs
    Set the scene:
    What are the names of these sports?
    Have you ever watched sports like these on television?

    - Ask SS to look at the screen.
    - Show 4 pictures.
    - Ask SS to answer 2 questions.
    - Elicits some new words from Ss
    - Help Ss to understand the meaning of new words
    - Lets the whole class pronoun these new words.

    WHILE – LISTENING (22’) – Student work in pairs
    Task 1: Listen and choose the best answer A, B, C or D for the following sentences
    Yuko won the gold medal in women’s swimming. She set a new world record time of…………..
    200 seconds
    1 minute 38 seconds
    1 minute 58 seconds
    1 minute 48 seconds

    Lily got an average of…………points in her gymnastics event.

    Lee Bong-ju jumped……….and he won the gold medal in men’s long jump.

    The bar that Vichai had to jump over was at………..
    Which of the following sports events was NOT mentioned in the report?
    Long and high jumps
    - Ask SS to:
    + Look at task 1.
    + How many statements are there?
    - Ask SS to read these statements and underline key words.
    - Ask SS to listen and choose the best answer. (twice)
    - Ask SS to share the answer with a partner.
    - Check answers chorally.
    (- Play the tape once again, stop the tape where necessary and conduct the correction).

    Task 2: Listen again and answer the following questions
    What time was “The Asian Games Report” programme?
    How many gold medals have the Japanese athletes won in the first three days?
    How many times has Lee Bong-ju completed in the long jump?
    What was the last sports event mentioned in the report?
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