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Unit 6. Competitions

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CF61a CF 61
Date: ngày tháng
Time: giờ phút ~ giờ phút
Name: _____________________


A. Pronunciations
I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others
1. a. witch b. windy c. wipe d. wisdom
2. a. twenty b. frequent c. trend d. dressing
3. a. think b. those c. although d. without
4. a. dread b. dream c. dress d. dredge

II. Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others
1. a. competition b. representative
c. disappointed d. announcement
2. a. activity b. organize
c. stimulate d. difficulty
3. a. annual b. problem
c. within d. cheerful
4. a. award b. winner
c. spirit d. total

B. Grammar: Reported speech with gerund
(lời nói gián tiếp với danh động từ)
( Lời nói gián tiếp ở dạng:

_ V: suggest, admit (thừa nhận), deny (chối cãi), advise (khuyên), regret (hối tiếc) …
_ She said: “I stole the money”.
(cô ta nói: “Tôi lấy cắp tiền”).
( She admitted stealing the money.

Rewrite the following sentences, using reported speech with gerund
_ “We should study harder”
( They advised studying harder.
1. “Let’s go to the cinema tonight”
He suggested
2. “I didn’t take the book”
She denied
3. “How about meeting in front of the cinema?”
Pat suggested
 CF62a CF 62

2. S + V + preposition (not) + V_ing (gerund)
_ V: insist on (cố nài), apologise (to SO) for (xin lỗi), dream of (mơ), look forward to (mong đợi), think of / about,…
_ “I always want to be a good doctor.”
(John always dreams of being a good doctor.

Rewrite the following sentences, using reported speech with gerund
_ “Certainly, I will buy a nice house”
(Bill thought of buying a nice house.
1. “Let me pay for the meal”
Tom insisted on
2. “I’m sorry I am late”
Lan apologised for
3*. “I feel like meeting my old friends”
Hoa looked forward to
4. “I really must see the manager in person,”
The man insisted


_ V: thank … for, prevent … from (cản trở), accuse … of (buộc tội), warn … against (cảnh báo), congratulate … on (chúc mừng)…
_ “Stay here! You mustn’t leave the shop”
(The policeman prevented the customer from leaving the shop.

Rewrite the following sentences, using reported speech with gerund
_ Mr. Bill said to Mary: “It was nice of you to visit me.”
(Mr. Bill thanked Mary for visiting him.
1. “You passed your exams. Congratulations!” he said to her.
He congratulated
2. “You stole the money” John said to Ann.
John accused
3. “It was very nice of you to give me a hand. Thank you very much,” Bill said to me.
Bill thanked
CF63a CF 63

Rewrite the following sentences, using reported speech with gerund
_ “We had better go to Dalat for the weekend”
( Lan advised going to Dalat for the weekend.
1. “I didn’t lend him the money”
He denied
2. “I’m sorry I came to the party late last night”
Mary apologized
3. “You mustn’t drink too much wine” Ann said to Bill.
Ann warned _______against
4. Mai said to Tan “I hear you won the first prize. Congratulations!”
Mai congratulated ________ on
5. “I’ll clean the floor”.
He insisted
6. “We should do exercise everyday”
He suggested
7. “Yes. I’ve spent too much money doing the shopping”
She admitted

Choose a, b or c that is the same meaning as the original sentences
(chọn a, b
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