IOE quoc gia lop 5

(Bài giảng chưa được thẩm định)
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I/ Defeat the Goal Keeper.
Choose the most suitable answer by selecting A, B, C, D.

1. Let`s go out for lunch. - .........
A. Yes, Iam sorry B. Yes,let`s C.Yes,we do D. Yes, we are

2. How did you go to Do Son last week? - ..... bus.
A. On B.By C. With D. In

3. They ...... a lot of photos at Bali Island last weekend.
A.went B. look C.payed

4. What month is it now? - It`s .......
A. Australia B. Austria C. August D. Art

5. I have a headache. -Why don`t you ......?
A. see the dentist B. take some aspirins C. drink some aspirins D. go to school

6. My brother`s girlfriend has.......
A. short hair brown B. short brown hair C. hair short brown D. hair brown short

7. ......... mark eleven years old last year?
A. Is B. Are C. Were D. Was

8. Do you go shopping a lot? - ........
A. Every weekend. B. One weekend C. Twice weekends D.Last weekend

9. When you want to borrow a book, you should go to the ......
A. bookshop B. book keeper C. library D. bookstore

10. Where can I see a play? -You should go to the Center ......
A. Cinema B. Discotheque C. Theater D. t-office

II/ The teacher is coming.
Put the words or letters in the right order to make a complete sentence or a complete word.











III/ Cool Pair Matching
Match a picture or a Vietnamese word with its English equivalence.